RX 700

Jon Mendez former RYA Chief Motor and Powerboat Instructor

When powerboat expert John Mendez took our 700HP Barracuda out for spin, he knew he was testing something special but he wasn’t quite prepared for the ride of his life.

“The conditions were perfect for a sea trial: sunny skies, 16 knot wind and a good rolling swell with breakers on top and deep troughs. The sea was pretty lumpy, but that’s what you need if you’re doing some serious testing.

Engines started first turn and sound very sweet with a throaty growl when pressed. Hit the throttles and ..Holy Moses! This thing is quick!

The RX accelerates about the fastest that I have ever driven as the response from 700hp mounted on the stern can only be described as awesome

Trim is accurate and fast responding, very little was needed in the conditions as upwind was challenging with the size of the sea, beam seas were handled with ease and it was possible to maintain a steady 40 knots +. Downwind, we easily hit 48 knots with still 1/3 throttle and 70% trim to go, too rough to go faster sensibly, but I would estimate that in the right conditions 75 + knots is perfectly feasibly.

What impressed most was that you could drive each wave with perfect throttle response as it was all so well balanced. It was also very easy to misjudge just how fast you were traveling and when you took off whether deliberately or by error, the boat landed very smoothly, with little jarring. Cornering was excellent with no desire to drop the bow as you turned in and it was easy to steer the boat by applying more or less throttle as required. In the conditions I could not make the stern slide without over trimming. Downwind she would fly from wave top to wave top landing very sweetly with very little jarring, the rev limiters kick in quickly as the props come out of the water to prevent any over revving.

Overall, it’s about the sweetest boat that I have played with in a year.”

Jon Mendez is a director of the powerboat training company Mendez Marine. He is an RYA Yachtmaster®, Instructor Examiner and a Powerboat Trainer; this work has taken him across the world from Scotland to New Zealand and all over the Mediterranean on craft up to 40 metres.

Having spent three years as the RYA Chief Motor and Powerboat Instructor, he returned to the commercial world to run his own marine business carrying on with what he enjoys most: boats, people and having fun on the water. http://www.mendezmarine.co.uk/



Captain MY Miss Kate 2

 In 2009 I had the pleasure of operating a 27m Motor vessel with a Wahoo LX600 as the main tender, unusual I know for a 27m vessel to have a 10m tender however it was a match made in heaven.

The Wahoo is capable both as a standalone day boat, a tender and a big toy. Travelling 3,500nm over a 6 months period, the Wahoo completed the majority of this under its own steam as the owner and guests would never let her rest, constantly taking her up to her maximum speed and range capacity in the pursuit of thrills.

I found that the Wahoo would out perform any other vessel on the sea in both its stability and speed and yet remain unbelievably dry at the same time. Capable of carrying twelve guests and two crew to dinner and back in Porto Cervo, Sardinia or running from St. Tropez to the beach and back at 70mph, amazingly able to do all of this and still get more attention in port than a $50m Superyacht.

The Wahoo was immeasurably reliable as at no matter what time you could just step in and turn the keys, the crew often using her to the food shopping runs in and out of port in the early morning, then time for water ski and towing before having an afternoon of thrilling guests by her immense speed and agility.

I really would love to have a tender like this on every boat that I run as the added dimension that it brings is unachievable by anything less. I look forward to the next one as so far nothing has the ability to thrill even the most seasoned seafarer like the LX 600

Looking forward to my next encounter with Wahoo!