The design and performance characteristics of our craft have given Wahoo a strong following amongst the world’s superyacht cognoscenti.

All our vessels have clean, uncluttered lines with control systems built around human logic alongside performance characteristics that very few rivals can match.

The combination of power and comfort is simply intoxicating.

Fluid design is an ethos our entire team subscribe to – the idea that you can build infinite variations from a single, brilliant design. That’s why each of the six models in our range can be easily adapted to create an infinite number of bespoke vessels.

Longer, wider, diesel, petrol, inboard, outboard, more or less power, more or less seats,white,black,red, blue……

Our collection spans the entire spectrum of sizes and uses from a 6.2 metre inboard crew tender and ocean-eating 700 HP chase boat, to an 11.5m explorer support vessel, a fully certified SOLAS rescue launch and a stunning new all-weather limousine.In all, probably the best superyacht tenders on the planet.

But amid all this choice, one thing comes as standard – peace of mind.

All bar The Shadow share the same race-bred hull with outstanding handling characteristics in all conditions and every Wahoo has industry-leading warranties to ensure our customers are never left high and dry.